About Me

I am a software engineer, privacy advocate, pythonista and a free software enthusiast. Most of my contributions has been in the language computing space under the aegis of the organisation Swathathra Malayalam Computing. I also contribute to the PeARS Project - which is an ongoing effort to build a fully distributed, p2p search engine.

I was one of the key architects of the ICU movement, a socio cultural expression platform of the youth in my state.

Apart from the above mentioned projects, I have contributed to a number of free and open source projects & movements and my relavant profiles are linked below.

I currently work as the VP of Engineering in Kochi based ed-tech startup Entri

  • IRC Nick : stultus
  • PGP Fingerprint : 9F219A816C4391643B85041A12C1047FA60A6F31

To contact me, please send an email to hrishi.kb@gmail.com